Monday, 28 April 2014

Eleven 11 Design Photoshoot

So Liam approached me and another couple of people (Martez, Anna and Tom) to help him shoot his new line of clothing called Eleven. It was a cold day at 8.30am in the morning and we set out on a looong adventure of venturing around London. Did I also mention I netted 18000 steps in a day because of this? Haha.

The first place we shot at was on Leake Street at the Waterloo station. It was just a strange little alley that stunk of weed and alcohol, and made us shiver so bad we had to get fries and hot chocolate from the station halfway through. We did a quarter of the shoot on Brice's film camera, and the rest on a DSLR. We moved along through Camden to King's Cross and headed to Brick Lane for the shoot at the studio.
These are just a couple of behind the scene shots of my own photos with Brice.
Overall the experience was so fun. I'm usually always the one behind the camera, either that or the camera is my iphone and the photographer is called self timer. It's a different experience than doing your own thang in the kitchen haha.

If you guys would like to support Eleven, you could do so by purchasing their tops/sweaters/beanies. Either that, you could just follow them on their instagram eleven11design_ as a kindly gesture to their awesomeness.

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  1. omg that tunnel fill with graffiti art looks so cool! I really love the set and you look great! Cute hat by the way :3