Tuesday, 22 April 2014

5 Essentials for Spring

Spring is coming, the weather is looking up, and I can finally go out into the open without looking like a lumpy potato. The sun is out, people are throwing out mats and having picnics on every single patch of green grass they see, the smiley butt cheeks from overly shorts shorts are starting to make it's way back to every girl's booty.

These are just a couple of essential things I thought would be perfect for spring weather.

1. Skorts
If you had not jumped on this bandwagon, what are you doing. Skorts are the very simple combination of the word skirt and shorts, in case you didn't know. To be honest the word skort sounds really stupid. But this trend, made batshit voodoo crazy by Zara, is absolutely fab because the number one thing to me about bottoms in general are pockets, and these babies have pockets in them!

Fashion Union has a wonderful collection of skorts starting from as low as £7.50, and ranges from all kinds of different colors and prints. Missguided also has a large variety of skorts, but they start from the much higher price of £17.99.

2. Oversized Denim Jacket

An oversized denim jacket could literally go with anything you want, really. It could be worn in almost any kind of way. Casually with a pair of black skinny jeans and Docs, dressed up with a white shirt and a nice skort, or even in a short summery dress.

The Asos Marketplace is a wonderful place to find really nice vintage denim jackets, but obviously the prices are killer. Rokit, which is probably my favorite place to thrift also has a really really nice selection of vintage denim jackets.

3. Floppy Hat

There's nothing better to shield your eyes from the sun or protect your wonderful hair from the sad London drizzles than a floppy hat. Paired from anything like sunnies,  to a comfy sweater, a floppy hat is sure to take you far. My only advice is to hold onto it for dear life when you're on the tube platform to avoid having people stare at you while you retrieve it from the rails.

Topshop has the widest selections of floppy hats in store on Oxford Street. I spend ages going from hat to mirror trying them on until the sales assistant gives me ugly looks. Forever 21 has practically the same thing at a much cheaper price, same as River Island, so it really depends on your own choice!

4. Floral Print Kimono
Nothing makes me feel more like a garden princess than a floral kimono. If I could wear this everywhere I would. I wear it out in the cold, and even to bed because silk feels nice on your skin and no one judges me when I rub it back and forth over my arm.

Floral Kimonos go from as low as £5 on eBay which altogether shows you don't need to spend £30 buying it from retail when you get the same things for so much cheaper! All you need to do is sit down and really look for the nicer prints.

5. Statement Necklace
For some reason, I just cannot commit myself to buying a top with colors or prints on them. I constantly end up buying the same kind of tops, but I always give myself the excuse of buying statement necklace pieces. They make your clothes look more classy and expensive and what girl doesn't want her Primark top looking stellar teehee.

I don't have any links to statement necklaces, but you can look for these anywhere, even in Primark, and you'd be able to find one or two that really suit the kind of look you're going for.

Anyway, have fun this spring. Try out new things like stand in the sun.

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