Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Garment Monster

Hello, dear wonderful fans of myself, and welcome to The Garment Monster. The Garment Monster is basically my fashion and brain vomit. I have no rigid schedules of when I'm going to post things up cause who can physically time their brain gurgles, really. To give you an insight, this blog will be filled with my new buys, where to get them, how to do my hair and makeup (super unprofessional I might add), and an update on my life in general just because I think I should become a story book. 

On another note, I would like to humbly thank the people who have hoohaa-ed me on to finally make a fashion blog. I think this would be a really strange experience, but one I'd come to love all the same. Also, if anyone has any requests, questions, compliments and criticism, please feel free to bombard me because I am open but I will judge you. Only kidding.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm going to crawl into my blanket fort and hide until the sun goes down. Piss out.

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