Sunday, 4 May 2014

Garment Monster x Fashion Union

Boxy Top: Fashion Union
White Skort: Fashion Union
Double Buckle Boots: Fashion Union

So I love white on white but I can never pull it off because it's hard to wear all white and not look like a frumpy old lady with a giant tummy. I really love skorts because they have pockets and they give you a place for your awkward limbs to hide. I don't really like the back of the skort however because it's very see thru, so it's nude thongs or birthday suit, you pick.

 Emerald Green Maxi: Coccha
Turquoise Pendant: Diva

I love the pairing of these two pieces together! I used to hate the emerald green color because that was the color of synthetic grass and as a child I always hated how ugly and fake it looked, but it's a color that grew on me like moss. I've linked the pieces to the website where you can purchase your own if you'd like! If there are any questions, any questions at all, there is the link section where you ask me on my page. Else, there's always the comment section.


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