Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Yaas.

 Hello everyone.

I thought I'd revamp the blog a little by starting again in the new years.

A whole load of amazingly wonderful and awfully horrendous things have happened in 2014. I've been on two TV shows (both for free as well), a whole ton of musicals (musical enthusiast here haha), watched my first live concert in London, went traveling around Europe, reconnected with old friends, made a blog haha. But I also lost touch with friends that I shouldn't have, lacked focus on applying for work or a course that I'd love, been too nice to people who weren't bothered with me, cared too much of the feelings of people who didn't care less of mine at all, wasted time on people who were just overall pretty much shit.

Just a list of the cool things that've happened to me in 2014 that I can remember off the top of my head:

1. Traveled a part of Europe on my own without them rentz.
2. Ordered an entire Japanese meal for four in Italy completely in Italian (LOL)
3. Hit three years with my boo thang Haris.
4. Watched two live TV shows for free! (Appeared on UK TV too I believe)
5. Watched The Lion King twice in London, and managed to go backstage.
6. Watched 5 musicals solely in this year.
7. Went for my first concert in London (Tedder you were amazing!)
8. Joined an awesome dance company
9. Hit 2k on Instagram (minor setback thanks to the bot sweeps boo)
10. Got rid of my damn alcohol allergies lol.
11. Moved into my own place like a grown woman #YONCE (bills and internet attached)
12. Got recognised by a follower in London Primark! (#achievement, got my name wrong doe)
13. MNight director? Hehe
14. Got a photographer/videographer for my blog in spring! YES, rolling out the big guns.

And so on and so forth haha. Can't remember much besides this to be honest.

I'm twenty two this year, don't think it sounds right when I say TWENTEEN two no more. I shouldn't be worrying my parents about anything, getting my life together, doing right by what they've taught me. I absolutely love them till death because of all the opportunities they've provided me by letting me venture out on my own in London. Having said that, I also think that I know what I want in life more than I did a year ago. I'm a little less muddled about decisions, a little more cut throat with bullshit people, a whole lot more in control with my state of mind, half hoping that this conviction is not fully relying on the adrenaline that is a new year.

1. Get a septum piercing.
2. Repierce my naval. 
3. Get a part time job in fashion.
4. Apply for a fashion graduate diploma or for work in editorials.
5. Take more dance classes
6. Graduate
7. Give less quacks about people's opinions about myself.
8. Mo holidays yo.
9. Having said that, Santorini in summer!
10. Having said that, earn money for said holidays.
11. Be more diligent with updating the blog lol.

Maybe the dreams aren't so big, but it needn't have to be. I have friends and family, and a boyfriend that I absolutely adore. Right now if you ask me, I can take on the world.

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