Wednesday, 6 August 2014


 Floral Headband - Portobello Market
Sunnies - Tally Weijl 
Top - H&M 
Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Nike

Today's look is inspired by always wanting a balance between grunge and pastel/florals, so I decided to alternate between the two! Floral headband, raglan cropped top, maxi skirt with a side slit and Nike shoes to complete the outfit. While I know most people are absolutely nuts about them Nikes, I got mine for 17 pounds at a Nike outlet store and they're meant for kids so I don't really know what they are exactly.

I tonged my hair with my favorite Babyliss 1 inch hair curler away from my face. This creates a pretty nice windblown look. On top of that, once all the curls have set, I used a bristle brush to just comb out the ends to have a more natural and less hairsprayed look. I've been taking hopefully, quite good care of my hair lately with special magic oils that make it smell real good. Also, all the pinky red bits on my ends got washed out when I went swimming in the sea last week and my blonde has finally revealed itself! I am a very happy girl.

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