Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Italy Photo Diary Part I

Hello all! I know I haven't blogged in ages, but I didn't promise I would teehee. Anyway, two months just whirled past me. I submitted the last of my work, moved Haris out of his dorm, started moving out of my dorm, packed for Italy, went to Italy, came back from Italy, and am now currently packing to go home.

I told myself I'd do a wonderful photo diary of each place I went to in Italy, so here it is.

1. Bologna

 Bologna was hot, humid, yet quaint. It's the birthplace of Bolognese, if that wasn't obvious enough. It's local delights include green lasagna and tagliatelle al ragu (which means flat noodle pasta with a meat tomato sauce). It's safe to say Haris and I feasted while we were here on cheap food because it's less touristy compared to everywhere else that we went in Italy.

 Bologna is also home to the oldest university in the western hemisphere, dating back to the year 1088. Haris and I had fun imagining studying in a university made out of so much history, but I'd very much rather study in Florence hehe. Bologna also has 2 towers, one leaning almost as much as the one in Pisa, and so we decided to climb the 500 steps to the top.

 Here we can see the photographer in his natural habitat.
 Over here we can see a lady holding her tatas at the fountain.

 On the last night, I had tagliatelle bolognese while Haris had a regular pizza with dried beef, parmesan cheese and rocket leaves, which was easily the best pizza I had in Italy because the blend of the flavors were amazing! The saltiness didn't overpower the pizza which was what I found eating most pizzas in Italy.
This is a photo of how happy I was in Bologna. Direct your eyes away from the armpit fat that just seems adamant about squeezing out of my top. Is there a muffin top version of armpit fat? Facts to ponder upon guys... 

2. Venice
Venice was stunning when you step out of the station. The sparkling water in the canals just blind your eyes, and everything smells like sea, water and sun tan lotion. We stayed at a wonderful place called Corte Loredan, which was so ghetto on the outside, but it was so cosy and cold and clean on the inside.

 Here's a picture while we were waiting for Lisa and Peter to come to meet up with us!

 THIS WAS THE BEST STARTER SEAFOOD PLATTER IN THE WORLD. I am going to sign up with Trip Advisor just to give a 5 star review on this place because it was exquisite, the waiter is so funny and nice, and he gave us all free lemon sorbets at the end of the night. FREE. Do you understand what this means!

The lobster linguine was only 15 euros, and Lisa got a whole lobster! The tiramisu and panna cotta were so wonderfully decorated and they both just melted in your mouth. I don't even have enough words to describe this restaurant.
 We did the island tours of Burrano, Murrano and Torcello, but just watch the glass blowing at Murrano and go to Burrano to visit the colorful houses because it's so beautiful. But don't go to Torcello unless you want to pay 5 euros to visit some church. We basically wondered and hardly took any pictures. The entire tour was 18 euros a person, and you can get tickets at the tourist centre right outside the train station at Carnareggio!

 We visited the Doge's Palace at Piazza San Marco for half the price if I'm not mistaken. If you present your student ID, you can get it for 10 euros, so bring that shit everywhere you go, and just ask around because they would probably hide that discount from you!
 Oops, clearly you can see the nature of our relationship in this photo.

Our glamorised sampan was 25 euros a person, and they don't care if you want a discount or not. So that's 100 euros, or RM400 for a sampan. But that 45 minutes was a nice peaceful break from all the walking, and I thought it was quite worth the money. If you don't want to spend so much, they do one at 20 euros a person for 30 minutes. It's worth the wonderful pictures too!

 Lisa took a really good scoop of limoncello and raspberry ice cream, it was so delicious hehe.

3. Milan 
We stayed at Lima in a one star hotel in Milan. We basically shopped till we dropped in Milan because there wasn't much to do. We paid 7 euros to climb up the Duomo to see the whole of Milan and went to the Castello Sforzesco and the park round the corner. It rained from the park and through the night, and we had to order Japanese takeout to the hotel in broken Italian and it worked!

 Cioccolati Italiani served up the best looking gelato, I'd say. We queued for 45 minutes to get our damn gelato. The filled the bottom of the cone with liquid chocolate in either white, milk or dark, and scooped 2 flavors and added a wafer into the ice cream. Haris had lemon and melon, I had nocciola, and Lisa and Peter had mint and nocciola!
 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the oldest malls in the world, designed in 1861 and built between 1865 to 1877. Obviously it houses all the brands which I would never afford to buy haha.
 San Babila is the Oxford Street of Milan, I mean look at the size of Zara. Also doesn't this green Zara jumpsuit the most beautiful thing in the world! It's comfortable enough to sleep in, mind you. Too bad I didn't budget to spent 50 euros on a single piece of item.

The Castello Sforzesco was fab at the opening but we mostly spent time in the park because it was so wide and beautiful. 

Part Two coming up teehee.

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